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Welcome To Shifflet Brothers Enterprises, Inc.

Integrated solutions providing measurable value to our customers

Our valued customers have spoken and we have listened. Shifflet Bros. has taken asset tracking and business intelligence to another level with recent investments into innovative technology which gives the end user visibility and transparency they haven’t had before. Energy companies want reliable information so they can make smarter decisions on how they run their business.

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SBE's Pole Ranger™ system provides top-tier inventory management services that ensure your materials arrive on time and in perfect condition. Our experienced team of professionals have a deep knowledge of the trucking and logistics industry to provide you with reliable and efficient material management solutions. With SBE's Pole Ranger™, you get reliable, efficient and economical inventory management to keep your business moving.

Data Tracking, Measurement and Cost Reduction

  • Key data tracking and measurement with customer facing technology

  • Tracks receiving/delivery time, date, location and material condition

  • Facilitates deep customer engagement with customized reporting to deliver efficiencies and
    cost reduction

  • Targets efficiencies to allow customers to reduce costs and increase safety

Leading Edge RFID Capabilities

  • Implementation of RFID gives SBE customers increased visibility to help work more efficiently  which drives costs down

  • Installed at all SBE facilities and select customer points covering ~45 fleet units including all primary fleet categories

  • RFID readers are integrated with fleet operations software and required technology

  • RFID rollout greatly enhances intelligence and ability to optimize key performance indicators for customers

  • Designed to deliver customer value by allowing them to have more control over their total 3PL spend

  • Provides a superior advantage over competitors still requiring customers to complete manual inventory counts

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